Understanding the Programs All Livestock programs are being judged in 4 sections at shows:

1Learning to know your animal

Every participant receives a manual that he or she must learn from in order to pass the theoretical exam. The content of this manual usually consists of the following:

  • General Management
  • Feeding & Nutrition
  • Sanitation & Housing
  • The Prevention &
  • Control of Diseases
  • Reproduction,
  • Breeding & Genetics
  • Animal husbandry

2Washing your animal

The learner is judged in terms of his/her skills to wash and prepare the animal, in order for the animal to be shown at its best in the show ring. Rules set out on how to wash the animal in the correct way must be learned and used in order to get good marks from the judge

3Preparing your animal

In this section the participant grooms his / her animal in order for it to look good in the show ring. Rules set out on how to groom the animal in the correct way must be learned from the manual and used to get good marks from the judge.

4Showing your animal

The learner must show the animal to the best of his / her ability while adhering to the prescribed guidelines and national Youth Show standards. Competing in the ring against all other competitors takes allot of skill, knowledge and concentration. Adjudication is done by qualified judges.


programs-preperationPreparing yourself for this competition is hard work and builds character in every participant life. Before participants can even think of showing, animalsneeds to be tamed, fed, exercised and groomed. This happens before and afterschool.

Participants must also learn the theoretical manual of the section it participates in. This is studied before and after school at any given time and place.

Non Livestock Programs


Dairy Products

In this program participants learn the art of making dairy products by learning the manual, writing an exam about it and making the product.

The manual and the exam consist out of the following:

  • General treatment of raw milk
  • Composition of milk
  • Characteristics of milk
  • Basic Recipes
  • Small Scale production of dairy product

Making the Product:

This is the real test to see if the participant can make the product with all that he / she has learned. Products that are being made are:

  • Flavored milk
  • Yogurt
  • Drinking Yogurt
  • Feta Cheese


Culinary Art

The art of preparing and serving food is the main focus point in this program. The participants firstly take part in the theoretical exam that contains:

The manual and the exam consist out of the following:

  • The basic guidelines of preparing food
  • The differences between meal types
  • Starches and sugars
  • Safety in the kitchen
  • Meals from different counties and cultures
  • Garnishing
  • Setting a table

The second step is to prepare the food. Here the judge looks at the following:

  • Process of preparing the food
  • The correct handling of the preparing tools
  • The time used on each dish prepared
  • The tasting of the product

The last step is serving the meal. Here the judge looks at the garnish that has been used, the tidiness, the setting of the table and the creativity of the participant.

Skills Development

Skills are developed in every program of Youth Show whether it is practically or mentally. Participants benefit from this not only in their school career but also when they become grownups.

Taking part in Youth Show programs develops the following skills:

  • Halter Making
  • Hoof trimming
  • Sheep & Goat Sheering
  • Handling animals the correct way
  • Learning the basic principles of animal husbandry
  • Learning to prevent and treat diseases in livestock
  • Learning to chose between different breed

  • Learning the basic nutritional needs of animals
  • Learning the art of making dairy products
  • Learning to market their products by making labels for their products
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship
  • Learning to prepare and serve food correctly
  • Learning to learn in a non classroom environment
  • Learning to work in a team


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